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Está en inglés ^_^U Menos mal que Karla me ayudó para contestar : ) Es mi segunda entrevista en inglés, pero sentía que estas preguntas eran más complicadas. Agradezco mucho a Filippo, que sino me equivoco es el que organiza el tumblr, o al menos uno de ellos ^___^ Aquí dejo la entrevista entera:


Hello everybody, today I’m with Lauz. How are you?
Hello!! ^_^Great. I’m here, drinking coffee haha.
Can you introduce yourself to TICW readers?
Of Course! I’m Laura, but here (Internet) everyone calls me Lauz Lanille. I’m 22 years old and I’m from Spain. Actually, I finnished my Studies but now, I’m trying to have a English title (difficult, my english is very bad!). I enjoy cosplay, it’s my biggest hobbie. thanks to it, I’ve met very people; friends, people that follow me, and really this has become a very important part of my life.
Do you think Spain and your hometown are suitable places for creatives like you?
Hmmm, this is a very thoughtfull question, haha!. Well, I think every country has its creatives of many tipes, but sometimes depends on where you’re, that creativity could be more or less value. The truth is, here in Spain there’s many creativity and creatives but sometimes I feel that people always appreciate the same things. Some people are very intransigent, only appreciate the same things over and over again.  So if there’s somthing original or different, these are not taken seariously and thus never become valued. Spain is too tied to culture traditions. Don’t get me wrong, that’s great, but I think it’s good to give opportunities to new and different things, and respect them. Cosplay is appreciated in Spain, but only by people who knows about Japanese culture. Some don’t give it any importante at all.
When and how did you get passionate with photography and cosplay?
I’ve been making cosplay since 2009, though I got seriously into it in 2010 – 2011. I always liked photography since I knew Deviantart, but my passion on it began when I realized I could used it for Cosplay purpose. I love both cosplay and photography. I have to confess that I specially enjoy retouching photography (and I like video very much too). I really enjoy with the camera but specially when pictures are Reddy for retouching. I love that part and also making  videomanipulation. Talking about cosplay, I love to pose and act!. My friends are always kidding on how much I enjoy that and it’s totally trae, though sometimos I can get nerveous if there are many cameras, or when I’m on stage. I really try to look natural or look for a right pose for a nice picture, I love it!. So, I like being model as much as photographer , and then even more making the retouching. Those are always the stops! Haha. I’m the model to take pictures and then I always retouch everything!.
What do you like most about cosplaying?
Acting. Even if it’s on Photo or video, my pasion is to act like that character, doing things like he or she would do it. Also, I like to find the right enviroment for it. It’s always more magical when it fix right for the picture or video, making it more real. For me, it’s not only showing the process or the result of cosplay, I want to give it a meaning, specially for those who know the character as much as I do.
What can you tell us about this work? 
It’s tough, haha. No, really , It’s tough but also very fun!!. This hobbie has made a lot for me, that’s why I love it so much. It’s made me very proud of myself many times, ‘cause I used to have problems with that befote. The fact that there are people who supports me, means a lot to me. It’s a very complicated hobbie, more than it looks like because you have to learn about many things, but that’s its magic. Bit by bit, I’ve learned sewing, make up, photography among others.  
Where did you were?
I was on the marina, next to the ships. I went there ‘cause that character appears on the beach the first time, in a marina or seaport with that outfit. 
What about this one?
Here, I was on the “Ciudad de las artes y las ciencias” park. I chose that enviroment ‘cause there’s a lot of green in Pokemon, haha.
What advices would you give to who wants to made his/her first cosplay?
Well, I’d say patience and inspiration, specially for those who begin. Lerning is tough, but you realize maybe the first one won’t turn out the way you want, but it’ll be better with practice!! (specially people who don’t have any help, like myself). It’s very conforting when you go forward on the way and you realize everything you have improbé with time. Everything is possible with loads of effort and also is a very good way to make new friends.
What do your parents think about your passion?
Well, at the beginning they thought it was a weird thing. Actually, with time they realiced it was something serious and that I was very passionate about it and also having fun. In fact, my mother is my biggest fan!!, haha!!. She’s always complaining about the mess I do at home and the time I employ on it (all moms are like that, haha), but then She’s always showing my pictures and telling everyone about it. I’m glad to know deep inside she’s proud of me.
What are you working on these days?
Right now I’m working on  Madoka Kaname - Puella Magi Madoka’s cosplay. I’m going with my friends on a group for acting!. It’s the second time we act together and it’s really fun!!. 
What about your plans for the future?
Keep going with this hobbie, and though I already finnished my career , I’d like to work in something with videomanipulation or photography, so I’ll try to study something about that. The thing is I’m still searching what area I’d like to do.  
Thank you! Is there anything else would you like to say to our readers?
Thank you so much for your interest and for reading and following ^_^!!!

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